Posted on: July 22, 2009 11:28 am

Early Predictions for Fantasy Football 2009

1. The # 1 QB in fantasy football this year will NOT be Tom Brady. Yes, the Pats will still throw the ball alot, but they brought in Fred Taylor for a reason. They have a stable of situational RB's that when used together can be quite effective in any situation. The Pats would not have lost a game 2 years ago if they had a run game... Don't think they have forgotten that.

2. Cedric Benson is NOT a #1 fantasy RB option. Carson Palmer is back to 100% again, and that means that the Cincy offense lives through the air. Benson is NOT a good receiving back, and rookie Bernard Scott probably steals a lot of on-field time in passing sets. Benson may get you roughly 8 tds this year, but do not expect high yardage or anywhere near 20 touches a game.

3. Michael Turner will not produce at the same level again this year. I owned Da Burner in many leagues for the majority of last year, and it was nice for the most part. However, Turner dissappeared a lot in games. He will NOT be on the field in passing situations. He will also get less touches this year in an attempt to keep him fresh and healthy. Jerious Norwood is a quality chnage of pace back and will get plenty of touches this year. Turner should still get you 1000 yards and 10tds, but do not expect much more.

4. Steven Jackson will get injured again. This guy cost me a championship last year... he's cost every owner almost every year. FRAGILE

5. Jay Cutler will find success in Chicago, just not on a fantasy level. Cutlers days of gun slinging are over. He is in a run first, defensive oriented, control the clock system now. While he will ocassionaly play action and slang it deep, do not except many 300 yard or 3td games. Chicago will find more wins with Cutler and maybe a playoff run, but your fantasy team will not.

6. Tony Romo is NOT an elite fantasy QB. He has been the product of a very disfuctional system, but it has benefited him. If you have ever watched him play, he reminds you of a less talented Brett Favre. He may look pretty off the field, but he plays ugly on it. Dallas drafted McGee for a reason, Tony is on thin ice. Williams is not a go-to NFL WR, and they do not have anyone after him. Witten is their best receiving option but he his body has felt the damage of being Romo's security blanket the last couple years. Call me crazy, but with guys like Brady, Palmer and Schaub healthy again, it may be tough for Romo to crack the top 10 in fantasy this year.

7. Knowshon Moreno will NOT be the top fantasy rookie this year. He may not even be the top RB on his team. Moreno was a complete RB in college but I dont see it in the NFL. McDaniels has made countless mistakes this offseason, without even seeing a game as an NFL head coach. He banished their Pro Bowl QB and he signed a plethora of FA RB's only to draft Moreno. Buckhalter is a solid pro avergaing 5ypc the past few years, and Lamont Jordan does everything well too. It will be an ugly year from a fantasy perspective in Denver... trust me.

8. Houston is a fantasy powerhouse. A healthy Schaub translates into big numbers for many Texans in fantasy this year. Schaub may crack the top 5 fantasy QB's as a sleeper this year if he stays healthy. Johnson could be the #1 fantasy WR as well if both he and Schaub stay healthy, but is a definite top 5. Walter is a solid #3 fantasy WR who benefits greatly from Johnson presence on the other side. Daniels is in a contract year and continues to be a solid option at TE. Slaton remains a homerun threat everytime he touches the ball and that will be a lot with the lack of quality depth behind him. This offense is potent and could carry the Texans and your fantasy team deep into the playoffs this year.

I do not want to overload you with info too early in the year, so I will be back soon with more bold predicitions. STAY TUNED
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